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SMARTSAFE/LAUNCH® AC519/VALUE-500Plus Aircond Refrigerant Recycling and Flushing Machine

RM 9,800.00

Automotive air conditioner servicing machine provides automatic full service to automotive A/C refrigeration system which includes recycling, evacuation and recharging of both R134A and R1234YF refrigerant blends. It has significant improvement on poor automotive A/C refrigeration effect, compressor overload, loud noise and high fuel consumption. With the built-in automotive A/C database, VALUE-500 PLUS offers accurate recharging service without disassembly and manual intervention.


  • Non-disassembly maintenance that save time and effort, and reduce accessories loss
  • Refrigerant recycling
  • Improve car power and refrigeration effect
  • Effectively filter the impurities of the refrigerant to reduce compressor wear
  • Automatic full service without manual intervention
  • Accurate recharging with built-in automotive A/C database that covers mainstream models
  • Running silently
  • Visible operation steps with built-in LCD display
  • Compatible with both R134A and R1234YF refrigerant blends
  • Large-size glass tube with LED backlighting, can effectively observe the entire cleaning process
  • Forward and reverse flushing functions, which greatly improve the cleaning effect
  • Operation result print automatically


  • Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz
  • Power: 1000W
  • Working Temperature: 10~50°C
  • Relative humidity: <85%
  • Vacuum Pump: 7.3m3/h
  • Tank: 12L
  • HP/TP Gauge: 1bar~35bar
  • LG Gauge: 1bar~20bar

Warranty and Certification

  • 12 months carry-in warranty against manufacture defect, effective from the date on delivery
  • On-site service available on request, labour and transport charge apply (Including warranty period)

What’s Not Included?  (We’ll help find the best, most reliable rate and send you the invoice.  Please contact us for a quote).

  • Delivery by land or sea freight (The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck).
  • Installation at your companies premises
  • Customer to supply electrical supply & connection to the equipment

Customer Support (Contact us directly)

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