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HKUNICO® 3D818HD 3D Car Wheel Aligners

RM 24,500.00

Wheel Aligners with 3D HD Camera Technology The 3D818HD model Imaging Wheel Alignment System is one of the most advanced alignment systems on the market today. 

It has very good accuracy than 5-megapixel camera, CE certification, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights technology provides accurate and real-time measurements that improve productivity. 

User friendly features, such as instalment function, Two wheel positioning Mode, and an extensive vehicle specification database delivers customer satisfaction, ease of use and accuracy. 


  • HD Camera, USB Interface, FPGA Technology, Temperature Compensation, Intuitive, 3D dynamic simulation, Real-time Measuring, Less demand to lift level, Durable Small Target plates, high precision and quality, Need not Wheel Compensation.
  • Combined with four small targets, 2 high-definition cameras 3D system provides the most economic and accurate four-wheel alignment.
  • Camera constantly takes pictures from the four target plates and do precise calculation, the measurement data immediately shown. 
  • Camera calibration has been done in the factory. • The camera is fixed on the beam and no need to adjust. 
  • The target does not have electronic devices, wire and battery, no need to calibrate.

Standard accessories

  • Complete set of 11” to 24” clamps with HD targets 
  • Pair of turntables
  • Steering wheel holder 
  • Brake pedal depress
  • Two wheel chocks

Warranty and Certification

  • 12 months carry-in warranty against manufacture defect, effective from the date on delivery
  • On-site service available on request, labour and transport charge apply (Including warranty period)

What’s Not Included?  (We’ll help find the best, most reliable rate and send you the invoice.  Please contact us for a quote).

  • Installation 
  • Delivery by land or sea freight (The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck).

Customer Support (Contact us directly)

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