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HKUNICO | HWA-F08 | Wheel Aligner with 8-CCD sensors for passenger cars and van.

RM 18,800.00
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CCD Technology Four Wheel Aligners equipped with quick wheel clamp, wireless lightweight sensors heads based on windows software platform, suitable to perform wheel alignment adjustment for cars, vans, SUV and light commercial vehicles.

Standard accessories:  
- 1 set PC, LCD monitor, keyboard & mouse (Optional Inkjet printer)                               - 2 units front CCD measuring heads
- 2 units rear CCD measuring heads                      
- 4 units contact clamp with self-centering syncro-clampers
- 1 unit steering Lock
- 1 unit brake pedal Lock
- 1 pair Premium turntable & paddle kit    
- 1 unit rollar cabinet                                                                        
- 1 sets of alignment CD software c/w operation manual

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  • Credit Card Flexi instalment up to 18 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available