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LAUNCH® EV Diagnostics Add-on Kit

RM 4,000.00

LAUNCH | EV Diagnostics Add-on Kit

EV Solutions for Maintenance & Detection
LAUNCH New Energy Battery Pack Diagnostic Upgrade Kit comes with battery pack testing cables for various vehicle brands. The battery pack diagnostic software and some diagnostic software for new energy vehicles can be activated and downloaded with included activation card.


  1. Supports various battery pack diagnostic methods including non-standard battery pack connector, jumper cables and 16 PIN OBD.
  2. Quick reading for battery pack information such as number of battery pack modules. SOC, SOH, temperature, single cell's voltage and temperature of each module, etc., which will help technician to know about the battery status. 
  3. Battery pack data streaming helps to locate issues accurately and improve repairing efficiency.
  4. Battery pack diagnostic report can be printed and shared via email.



  415 * 330 * 156(mm)                                                                  

Shipping method:

  • By local courier service

Warranty & Software update:

  • 1-year carry-in warranty against manufacture defect for hardware.

Additional Information: (In-store purchase)

  • 0% Credit card flexi instalment up to 18 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available