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LAUNCH® ELA320 Intelligent Digital Power Supply

RM 10,500.00

Intelligent Digital Power Supply

LAUNCH ELA320 is an intelligent digital power supply for the maintenance of new energy and fuel vehicles. It has stable current output, excellent performance indicators, and a variety of protection mechanisms. It is a digital power supply with high reliability and high efficiency, which is safe and easy to use.


  1. It is suitable for the maintenance of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles, and is used for maintenance testing of electrical components.
  2. The high-voltage module and low-voltage modules can be managed, maintained and monitored separately. The power output is protected separately and the high-voltage and low-voltage outputs will not interfere with each other.
  3. It has separate protection for input circuit, high-voltage output circuit and low-voltage output circuit, which can detect faults such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit etc.
  4. Supports protection alarm for faults such as polarity reverse connection, current limiting, short circuit overcurrent, overtemperature, overvoltage and undervoltage etc. 
  5. Built-in cooling fan with intelligent temperature control.


  Power Input
  AC 110V~240V@16A, 50/60Hz
  Output Parameters  High-voltage voltage            DC 250V~750V
  High-voltage current  0~5A
  Low-voltage voltage  DC 12, 24V
  Low-voltage current  1A
  Output Voltage Precision  0.1V
  Output Current Precision  0.1A
  Control Panel  High voltage  Voltage regulation, current regulation, output button switch                     
  Low voltage  Button switch DC 12, 24V voltage, output button switch
  Display Method  Eight-segment white LED digital display
  Communication Method    Bluetooth(BLE4.2)
  Dimensions  315*192*186(mm)
  Weight  4.85kg


  Insulation Resistance  AC input-case  DC1000V, ≥10MΩ(room temperature)

  DC out-put case  DC1000V, ≥10MΩ(room temperature)

  AC input-DC output  DC1000V, ≥10MΩ(room temperature)
  Withstand Voltage Test  AC input-case  AC2000V, 50Hz, ≤10mA, 60S

  DC out-put case  AC2000V, 50Hz, ≤10mA, 60S

  AC input-DC output  AC2000V, 50Hz, ≤10mA, 60S


  Working Temperature  -10~+65℃
  Working Environment Humidity  5~95% relative humidity(no condensation)
  Storage Temperature  -40~+70℃

Shipping method:

  • By local courier service

Warranty & Software update:

  • 1-year carry-in warranty against manufacture defect for hardware.

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  • Hire Purchase financing available