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LAUNCH® CRT100 TPMS Solar Display

RM 220.00


The CRT 100 TPMS solar display is a device that monitors tire pressure in real time. It is suitable for passenger cars that were not originally equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. It has an intelligent sleep wake-up function that warns in time when abnormalities occur and protects tires at all times.


  • Solar and USB dual charging modes.
  • Automatically stop charging at 65°C to protect the device.
  • Vibrate to wake up, automatically sleep when parking.
  • Measurement accuracy as fine as 0.1 bar.
  • Applicable to all models with tire pressure values within the range of 6.0 bar.
  • Accurately measure tire pressure 24 hours a day without a break.
  • Display will show real-time tire data after installation at speeds over 25km/h(15.5mph).
  • Use only with Launch TPMS sensors, such as LTR-01, LTR-03 and LTR-05. (TPMS sensors need to be purchased separately.)

Warranty and Certification

  • 12 months carry-in warranty against manufacture defect, effective from the date on delivery
  • On-site service available on request, labour and transport charge apply (Including warranty period)

What’s Not Included?  (We’ll help find the best, most reliable rate and send you the invoice.  Please contact us for a quote).

  • Installation 
  • Delivery by land or sea freight (The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck).

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