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LAUNCH® TTH-84 84-Piece EV Maintenance Tool Cart Kit

RM 9,500.00


84-Piece EV Maintenance Tool Cart Kit
The TTH-84 pcs mechanic tools are introduced for EV maintenance and newly launched into market. The insulated tools cart includes 7 layers with different tools to meet the demands of most EV models.


  1. VDE, IEC 60900, GS and CE certificated.
  2. Insulated tools protect mechanic against electric shock and ensures safety.
  3. A wide range of tools EV satisfies various vehicle models.


Shipping method:

  • By local courier service

Warranty & Software update:

  • 1-year carry-in warranty against manufacture defect for hardware.

Additional Information: 

  • 0% Credit card flexi instalment up to 18 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available