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LAUNCH® X431 IMMO PAD Intelligent IMMO & Key Programming Tools (Trade-In Offer)

RM 13,000.00

Original set register In MALAYSIA with certificate

Intelligent Diagnostics

  1. All systems OE-Level diagnostics for over 110 vehicle models.
  2. Exceptional full functionality includes comprehensive OBD II diagnostics, bi-directional control, ECU coding & programming, etc.
  3. Support CAN/CANFD/DoIP communication protocols and J2534/D-PDU/RP1210 communication standards.
  4. Exclusive Smartlink remote diagnosis.
  5. 25 advanced service functions.
  6. Pre-scan and post-scan diagnostic report.
  7. Expand diagnostic coverage via “Mall”.
  8. Optional ADAS calibration function with the X-431 ADAS calibration tools.
  9. Optional TPMS function with X-431 TSGUN.


  1. Supports VW/AUDI MQB platform engine ECU replacement or cloning (Read engine ECU data directly from the key).
  2. Supports VW/AUDI MQB platform gearbox ECU replacement or cloning.
  3. Supports ECU replacement for fifth-generation Audi (0AW/0B5) gearboxs.
  4. Supports reading, writing & cloning of the ECU for fourth-generation VW UDS engines.
  5. Supports BMW E chassis 8HP gearbox ECU program wiping.
  6. Support Mercedes(Engine, Gearbox, EIS) and BMW(Gearbox) ECU anti-theft data erase.
  7. Supports 170+ Bosch, 10+ Siemens engine ECU and 18+ gearbox ECU BENCH mode clone.
    - Bosch engine ECU: ME17,MED17,EDC17,MEVD17, etc.
    - Siemens engine ECU: BMW(MSV90, MSD87, MSD85,MSD81, MSD80), Mercedes(SIM271DE2.0,SIM271KE2.0), VW/Audi(SIMOS8.6x,SIMOS8.5x,SIMOS8.4x), etc.
    - Gearbox ECU: DQ200-MQB, DQ250XX, DL501 Gen1,VL381,VGS2- FCVT,VGS-FDCT,DQ400E,DL501 Gen2,DL382-7F,VGS2-FDCT,9G_Tronic,DQ380,DQ381, DQ500,AL551,AL450,AL552,AL951,8HPXX, etc.


  1. Supports key matching/copying, anti-theft IC reading & writing, and ECU reading & writing, etc.
  2. Anti-theft modules replacement
    Support anti-theft modules replacement of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW/Audi, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, BYD, Changan, Wuling Baojun, GAC, SAIC Maxus, Great Wall Motor, Chery Car, Dongfeng Fengxing, JAC Passenger Car, etc
  3. Anti-theft password reading
    Supports the anti-theft password reading of Peugeot Citroen, GM, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Chery Cars, Dongfeng Fengxing, JAC Passenger Cars, etc.
  4. Key Matching
    Support key matching of Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW/Audi, Porsche, Peugeot Citroen, Land Rover Jaguar, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, BYD, Changan Automobile, Wuling Baojun, Great Wall Motors, Chery Cars, JAC Passenger Cars, etc


  • X-431 IMMO PAD Tablet
    - Processor: 2.0GHz, Octa-Core
    - Operation System: Android 7.1
    - Memory: 4GB
    - Storage: 64GB
    - Battery: 9360mAh
    - Display: 10.1'', 1920*1200
    - Camera: Front 8MP, Rear 13MP
    - Protection: IP65
    - WIFI: 2.4GHz/5GHz
    - Interface: TYPE A *1 & TYPE C*1
    - Working Temperature: 0~50℃
    - Dimension: 320 x 211 x 46mm
  • Smartlink C VCI
    - Display: 3.97“ single-touch screen, 320*480
    - Memory: 256MB
    - Storage: 8GB
    - Remote Communication: WIFI / Ethernet
    - Working Voltage: DC 9V – 36V
    - USB: Type B USB2.0
    - Power Consumption: <6W
    - Work Temperature: 0~50℃
    - Dimension: 204 x 110 x 45mm
  • X-PROG 3
    - Interface: DB26, DB15
    - Input Voltage: DC12V
    - Input Current: 500mA
    - Working Temperature: 0~50℃
    - Storage Temperature: -20~70℃
    - Vehicle Key Slot: To place car key for RF defection
    - DB26: Used to connect to each anti-theft cables
    - Infrared slot for Benz key: Used to place  the Mercedes-Benz infrared key to perform the key matching function
    - Key IC hole: Used to place the key chip to perform the key matching function
    - Status Indicator: Power supply indicator lamp
    - DIY Slot: Used to connect the anti-theft ECU pin through the cable to read and write data
    - Locker: To tighten loose EEPROM board
    - DC 12V: Used to connect to the DC12 power supply
    - DB15: To connect with vehicle’s DLC
    - EEPROM Slot: To insert EEPROM board

Shipping method:

  • By local courier service

Warranty & Software update:

  • 1-year carry-in warranty against manufacture defect for hardware.

Additional Information: 

  • 0% Credit card flexi instalment up to 18 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available

Trade-In Terms & Conditions:

  • The Equipment will ship upon received your old equipment