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LAUNCH® TLT615D EV Battery Pack Lifting Platform

RM 11,000.00


EV Battery Pack Lifting Platform

LAUNCH TLT615D is ideal for EV Battery pack replacement and other routine maintenance. This compact lift is designed for room limited workplace, and it is capable of operating safely and efficiently by mechanical safety lock.


  1. Working for battery-pack removal and used as specialty lifting bracket.
  2. Easy to lift and lower with electrical controller, secured by mechanical safety lock.
  3. Durable and rigid tubular steel features tear resistance, high abrasion resistance, shock absorption buffer.
  4. The maximum lifting weight is 1500kg, and the maximum lifting height is 1850mm.


 Supply Voltage
  AC 220V 50Hz
  Operating Voltage  DC 24V
  Power  2.2kw
  Rated Ligitng Weight  1500kg
  Lowest Height  1200mm
  Highest Height  1850mm
  Platform Width  800mm
  Platform Length  1380mm
  Ascending Tune  <30S
  Descending Time                             <40S                                                                            

Shipping method:

  • By land or sea freight
  • The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck.

Terms & conditions:

  • 12 months carry-in warranty against manufacture defect, effective from the date on delivery.
  • On-site service available on request, labour and transport charge apply (Including warranty period).

Additional Information: 

  • 0% Credit card flexi instalment up to 18 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available