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LAUNCH® TLT635A 3.5Ton Full-rise Scissor Lifts (Pit Type)

RM 16,000.00



  • Standard 3.5t small double scissor lift.
  • In-ground installation type, without occupying space.
  • It's convenient for demounting tyres and repairing chassis with synchronoushydraulic cylinders assembly.
  • The lift features advanced, deft and reasonable design, durability, and compact layout.
  • Anti-explosion safety device makes it stable and reliable operation.
  • Travel limit safety device, protects machine from being damaged.
  • All moving points adopt automatic lubricanting oil-free bearing for ensuring long lifespan.
  • Oil hose anti-explosion device.
  • CE certificated.

Technical Parameters

  • Rated load : 3500kg
  • Lifting height : 2100mm
  • Initial height : 320mm
  • Runway length: 1550~1750mm
  • Runway width: 550mm
  • Lifting time : ≤50s
  • Lowering time : ≤60s
  • Motor power : 2.2 kW
  • Motor voltage : AC 400V or 230V 50Hz
  • Air pressure: 6~8kg
  • Weight : 720kg

Shipping method:

  • By land or sea freight
  • The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck.

Terms & conditions:

  • 12 months carry-in warranty against manufacture defect, effective from the date on delivery.
  • On-site service available on request, labour and transport charge apply (Including warranty period).