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LAUNCH TLT-630A 3.0Ton Full-rise Scissor Lifts (Pit Type)

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  • Standard 3t small double scissor lift.
    In-ground installation type, without occupying space.
    It's convenient for demounting tyres and repairing chassis with synchronous hydraulic cylinders assembly.
    The lift features advanced, deft and reasonable design, durability, and compact layout.
    Anti-explosion safety device makes it stable and reliable operation.
    Travel limit safety device, protects machine from being damaged.
    All moving points adopt automatic lubricanting oil-free bearing for ensuring long lifespan.
    Oil hose anti-explosion device.
    CE certificated.

Technical Parameters

  • Rated load : 3000kg
  • Lifting height : 1900mm
    Initial height : 330mm
    Lifting time : ≤60s
    Lowering time : ≥20s
    Runway width : 520mm
    Runway length : 1580~1900mm
    Adviced distance between two runways : 800mm
    Overall width : 1840mm
    Safety method : Mechanical safety lock + pneumatic release
    Motor power : 2.2 kW
    Motor voltage : 3 phrase/380v or Single phase/220V
    Weight : 640kg

Shipping method:

  • By land or sea freight.
  • The customer is always responsible for unloading the equipment from the truck when it arrives.
  • If you cannot get it unloaded. Please call us, so that we can make preparations for your unloading arrangements with additional charges.

Terms & conditions:

  • Price listed above are excluding delivery, installation, MyKKP online submission and joint inspection charges. (If any)
  • CASH and CARRY at our Store.
  • Equipment will ship upon payment received

Additional Information: (In-store purchase)

  • Credit Card Flexi instalment up to 24 months
  • Hire Purchase financing available