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LAUNCH® X-861 3D Car Wheel Aligner

RM 35,000.00

LAUNCH | X-861

3D Technology with 2 camera system Four Wheel Aligners based on windows software platform, suitable to perform wheel alignment adjustment for cars, vans, SUV and light commercial vehicles.


  • Special camera system
  • Targets without electronic elements and battery to save maintenance cost
  • No need calibration onsite as it has been calibrated in factory
  • User-friend software interface
  • Accrurate and stable with 3D measurament technology
  • Fixed camera beam with two high-resolution cameras
  • Scan QR code and get access to LAUNCH platform, check equipment information and send product feedback

Standard accessories

  • Complete set of 11” to 24” clamps with HD targets 
  • Pair of turntables
  • Steering wheel holder 
  • Brake pedal depress
  • Two wheel chocks

Shipping method:

  • By land or sea freight
  • The customer is always responsible for unloading the product from the truck.

Terms & conditions:

  • One (1) year warranty against manufacturing defects, effective from the date on delivery, on-site mobilization charge apply

Additional Information: